Training times for the 2017/18 season

Please find below the official training times for the 2017/18 season in Dublin University Fencing Club:



If you have any questions as to which training slots you should come to, please email

We are aware that some pages on this domain are not up to date in their information. Until further notice, please refer only to the front page for correct information. For more information and for club news, please follow the facebook page ‘DU Fencing’, and the twitter and instagram @trinityfencing, and join the Facebook group ‘DUFC’.

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Student Fencing 5 Nations Results

S5N pic

From Left: Niall O’Brien, Jack McHugh, Olivia Flynn, Max Milner, Ciara O’Connor, Emily Greenan, Tadhg Garton, Clodagh McCarthy-Luddy

It was England who claimed victory overall in the annual Student 5 Nations fencing competition on Saturday June 22nd. Northern Ireland, whose women’s foil team included DUFC fencer Ciara O’Connor finished 3rd. Ireland, represented by 8 DUFC fencers, were denied a 3rd place finish by a single bout finishing right behind Northern Ireland in 4th place.

Overall Results:

1st England

2nd Wales

3rd Northern Ireland

4th Ireland

5th Scotland

DUFC’s 8 fencers acquitted themselves, club and country extremely well. 4 of our fencers had a hand in securing 3 medals in men’s foil, women’s foil, and men’s sabre. Max Milner, DUFC club captain helped the men’s foil team to a hard fought 3rd place. Ciara O’Connor and her N. Ireland team mates placed 3rd in women’s foil, beating her DUFC counterpart Olivia Flynn’s Irish team by a single point. Furthermore, DUFC sabreurs Jack McHugh and Tadhg Garton secured an impressive 2nd place finish for Ireland’s men’s sabre team.

The luck of the Irish is world renowned. Lady luck was against us this weekend, however. Things could have been quite different had a few close fought bouts gone our way. Men’s foil lost to Wales 42-45 in a nail biting encounter after going into the final bout  40-37 up.  Victory would have meant 2nd place for Men’s Foil, ahead of Wales. Similarly, Ireland’s women’s foil team lost by 1 point to Northern Ireland in a tense tussle. Finally, men’s épée lost on priority to Wales 43-42 after a thrilling comeback in the final few bouts. Following defeat to Wales, however, Ireland’s men’s épée team, clear underdogs, pulled off a sensational consolation win against England, with DUFC fencer Niall O’Brien winning all 3 of his matches.

With the South of Ireland Championships looming at the end of August, and in preparation for the season ahead, it is imperative that DUFC continues to train hard so that we can emulate the form that humbled the England épée team this weekend.
After all, fortune favours the prepared fencer.

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DUFC Club Alumni Board: 3 Volunteers Required

DUFC SealSwords Below

DUFC is proud to announce the establishment of a club Alumni Board with a view to developing our alumni network as well as safeguarding the long term future of the club. At this stage the club is establishing an initial Alumni Board to set up the structure of the board and to begin its work. The Alumni Board will be chaired by Club President Rory Greenan with DUFC’s 2012/13 Club Captain, Conor Traynor, as Secretary. The current Captain, Alumni Officer and Coach, Max Milner, Jack McHugh and Colm Flynn respectively, will also make up part of the board.

We envisage that the balance of the board will be drawn from our alumni. To achieve this we are looking for three volunteers to play a role in helping establish the board. If we have more than three applicants the DUFC committee will decide between them.

The primary role of this initial board will be to draw up a draft set of by-laws to establish the role, composition and structure of the Alumni Board for the coming years. After this they will begin work on building the club’s Alumni Network and drawing up themes for DUFC’s Long Term Strategic Plan (which will be finalised by the 2014/15 Alumni Board and DUFC Committee).

If you are interested please email with details of your former involvement in the club (years involved and positions held etc.) as well as any other information you feel pertinent to your desire to volunteer.

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Student 5 Nations 2013

The upcoming annual Student 5 Nations competition will be held in England this year. The competition will take place in Birmingham, at the Nechell’s Community Sports Centre this coming Saturday, June 22nd 2013.

Each year the best student fencers from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland compete for the right to claim to have the best student fencers. The event differs from other international events in that fencers are eligible to represent either their country of origin, or the country in which they study.

This year, 8 Trinity fencers have been chosen to represent Ireland in this competition, with 7 of these 8 fencers able to participate. In addition, another Trinity fencer, Ciara O’Connor,  is taking part in the competition as part of the Northern Ireland team. This is a great testament to the hard work and strong ability of Trinity’s fencing club DUFC, who were this year’s Inter-Varsity champions for the 6th consecutive year. Hopefully our fencers can emulate their IV-winning form for their nation this weekend. Furthermore, ex DUFC fencer and current UCD fencer Jenny Jennings has also made the team.

DUFC Alumni Officer Jack McHugh is a veteran of the competition having competed previously. His experience at such a level will prove essential to many of the team’s fencers who haven’t competed at such a level before.

Congratulations to each fencer on their selection, and we wish them the best of luck. Below is the Irish fencing team in full. Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh, a chairde

Ireland Fencing Team:

Men’s Épée: Niall O’Brien, Mathew Tracey, Paris Kai, Ronan Quinn

Women’s Épée: Emily Greenan, Clodagh McCarthy Luddy, Aoife O’Mahony

Men’s Sabre: Jack McHugh, Tadhg Garton, Aidan Clarke

Women’s Sabre: Erin Barclay, Alex Lolies, Maddie Siegmund, Sarah Goslin

Men’s Foil: John Wyatt, Max Milner, Kevin Maher, Rory Hayes

Women’s Foil: Olivia Flynn, Shona Carey, Fiadhnait McDonough, Jenny Jennings

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Carrick Castle Competition 2013

With this weekend begins the start of June, and for many, the start of Summer holidays. As we leave behind the doom and gloom of exam-riddled May for sunny June, many of our fencers are about to leave us for the summer. However, before they depart, it’s time first for the annual Carrick Castle Fencing Competition.

Excitement and anticipation is in the air, since for some this will be their last time fencing before jetting off for the summer. This is especially true for DUFC women’s Sabreur Rebekka Gondosch as this will be her last competition for DUFC as she is set to return to her native Canada afterwards. She has played an integral role for the women’s Sabre team at Inter-Varsities earlier in the year, and we wish her the best of luck this weekend, and thereafter.

Our troops journeyed up to Belfast on Friday evening ready to storm the castle gates the following morning. And take the castle by storm is just what our fencers did. Fueled on no doubt by the liquid energy consumed the night before, club captain Maxton Milner led the charge fencing his way to an impressive 3rd place finish in Men’s Foil. This excellent form was emulated  by our women sabreurs. Olivia Murray was victorious in the final, claiming a deserved 1st place, whilst Rebekka Gondosch ensured her final competition would be one to remember as she fenced her way to 3rd place.

Having secured medals in Foil and Sabre on Saturday, our fencers were determined to add an Épée medal to the list on Sunday. The best captains lead by example, and Max did just that, beating Richard Adams of Queen’s Belfast in the final to finish 1st in Men’s Épée.

4 medals, and fine performances by all who participated marked an end to what has been an excellent season for Dublin University Fencing Club. Although the successes of this competition will be celebrated, our fencers will next turn there attention to the approaching Student’s Five Nations tournament.



Men’s Foil:

Max Milner 3rd 

Tom McCarton Last 16

Ross Byrne Last 16

Women’s Foil:

Kirsten Levermore Last 16

Men’s Sabre:

Fionn O’Connor Last 8

Women’s Sabre:

Olivia Murray 1st

Rebekka Gondosch 3rd

Evie Clarke Last 8


Men’s Épée:

Max Milner 1st

Fionn O’Connor Last 8

Tom McCarton Last 8

Women’s Épée:

Emily Greenan Last 8

Kirsten Levermore Last 16

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Fencing under the Campanile

Alumni Logo E

As part of TCD’s Health and Sports week, club fencers will be fencing in front square on Monday 25th of March, from 12.45-2pm. Just like the great fencers of old [citation needed], Trinity’s best will be dueling ‘neath the Campanile in traditional swashbuckling style. There will also be people on hand to give free one-to-one lessons on the basics of fencing for those who have always wanted to try it. On Monday evening from 8-10pm, there will be a session run by the club that is free for members and non-members alike. Ever wanted to give it a go? The answer is probably yes. So come on down and show us how you can handle a blade!

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25th annual Prof. Duffy Memorial Epee

There’s still time to sign up for the 25th annual Prof. Duffy Memorial Epee competition next week. We’ve got a bevy of teams signed up already so it’s going to be a top-class competition. The entry form’ll be up until 5pm tomorrow. So get your teams together and sign them up, and we’ll see you next week! You can sign up here

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