Irish Student Individuals / Irish Nationals Championships

Student Individuals:

The student individuals were held over the 3rd/4th of March at NUI Maynooth. Although the competition was stiff, Trinity’s fencers did their club proud. DUFC took medals in both Men’s Sabre and Women’s Foil, with Jack McHugh taking the gold in sabre and Jenny Jennings and Geraldine Davies the gold and silver, respectively. Li Dong put on a strong showing in all three weapons, coming sixth, fifth and sixth in epée, foil and sabre.

Nationals Championships:

The Irish Nationals Championships were held on 24th/25th of March at NUI Maynooth. Traditionally one of the largest competitions of the year, the standard was suitably high. Even still, DUFC managed to come away with two medals, with Tal Coyle placing 3rd in Women’s Epée and Liz Fitzgerald 2nd in Women’s Sabre.

Results below:

Student Individual Results

Men’s Epée

6th: Li Dong

Men’s Foil

5th: Li Dong

6th: Finbarr Goode-Begley

8th: Diarmuid Neville

9th: Ian Mooney

10th: Ian Kenny

13th: Fergus Murphy

Men’s Sabre

6th: Li Dong

10th: Diarmuid Neville

11th: Kieran O’Reilly

Women’s Foil

1st: Jenny Jennings

2nd: Geraldine Davies

Nationals Championship Results

Men’s Epée

14th: Rory Greenan

15th: Colm Flynn

19th: Niall O’Brien

Men’s Foil

18th: Conor Traynor

21st: Fergus Murphy

Men’s Sabre

5th: Jack McHugh

21st: David Barker

Women’s Epée

3rd: Natalya Coyle

6th: Clodagh McCarthy-Luddy

Women’s Sabre

2nd: Liz Fitzgerald

6th: Helen Naddy

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