DUFC Club Alumni Board: 3 Volunteers Required

DUFC SealSwords Below

DUFC is proud to announce the establishment of a club Alumni Board with a view to developing our alumni network as well as safeguarding the long term future of the club. At this stage the club is establishing an initial Alumni Board to set up the structure of the board and to begin its work. The Alumni Board will be chaired by Club President Rory Greenan with DUFC’s 2012/13 Club Captain, Conor Traynor, as Secretary. The current Captain, Alumni Officer and Coach, Max Milner, Jack McHugh and Colm Flynn respectively, will also make up part of the board.

We envisage that the balance of the board will be drawn from our alumni. To achieve this we are looking for three volunteers to play a role in helping establish the board. If we have more than three applicants the DUFC committee will decide between them.

The primary role of this initial board will be to draw up a draft set of by-laws to establish the role, composition and structure of the Alumni Board for the coming years. After this they will begin work on building the club’s Alumni Network and drawing up themes for DUFC’s Long Term Strategic Plan (which will be finalised by the 2014/15 Alumni Board and DUFC Committee).

If you are interested please email dufencing@gmail.com with details of your former involvement in the club (years involved and positions held etc.) as well as any other information you feel pertinent to your desire to volunteer.

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